One time’s easy.
But Quality is what proves its mettle in the long run.

Quality shines in the logo that stands the test of being applied to various platforms; the website that looks great across screens & never creates security/ domain issues; the marketing that encompasses your brand values; the studio that you can count on without hassles for long term. We strive to deliver sterling quality.
going extra mile
Going the extra mile
Passionate about innovation
Efficient execution
Transparency & data security

We are creatives, designers, developers, marketing enthusiasts driven by the love for goal based branding. Meet the core team.

Hina Khaitan

Hina Khaitan

Branding | Designer
Hina has a unique background with business + creative + branding, owing to MBA in marketing and >7yrs in branding design. She is the founder and brings creativity & strategy in every project.
Chandan Mishra

Chandan Mishra

Marketer | Operations
Affable and open, Chandan is the co-founder and the one keeping all things on track. With >5yrs in business development & advertising, Chandan loves to collaborate, execute and deliver solutions.
Vaibhav Khaitan

Vaibhav Khaitan

Obsessed with the intersection of technology and business, Vaibhav delivers software solutions and digital marketing services.
Gopal Kedia

Gopal Kedia

Developer | Animator
Give Gopal a tech business problem and rest assured he would get an efficient solution. Gopal enjoys implementing technology based solutions to design projects and does web development.

Delivering the wows

Our clientele has grown across the world and we take immense pride in being a part of their branding journey. Here's what they have to say.

Good communication

Szymon Zurek, Zurek Designs
They are amazing designers! They work quickly, and their communication is excellent!

Brilliant designs

Niveditha Peddi, Infinity coaching
Sterling’s designs are just so brilliant, eye catchy.. creative yet very professional. I have been associated with Hina since 8 Years for multiple projects and the output is always so amazing !

Easy to work with

Rosy Benon, Mazette
Efficiency and availability of the team was what we liked the most for the web development work they did for us.

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